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Learn How To Deliver High Performing Campaigns Across All Major Paid Channels


There are a huge number of opportunities available to advertisers beyond standard Adwords search campaigns, In fact, some of the greatest opportunities exist with Shopping and Video campaigns that are more technically difficult to set up, but are not yet saturated with competing ads. You and your clients can benefit from upskilling your team to deliver high performing campaigns across a variety of channels.


All training is delivered in in person in Melbourne, or can be conducted via video conference if you are based outside of Melbourne. The training course can be customised for your team depending upon your needs and their current level of understanding & experience.


The training modules have been developed with an agency environment in mind and include some agency specific benefits such as training on client interactions and communications, upselling, portfolio growth and attracting new clients.

Adwords Search


Display Ads

Google Shopping

Video Advertising

Agency Training

Sample Course Outline


Below is an overview of a sample course for Google Search Network advertising. The actual course can be customised for your needs and the experience of your team and may cover more or less of the following:


> Campaign Planning

> Keyword Research

> Ads

> Website Landing Pages

> Account Structure & Strategy

> Account Setup & Launch

> Measurement

> Campaign Settings

> Account Optimisation

> Advanced Search Campaigns

> Agency Extras

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Campaign Planning


Campaign planning is essential not only for building solid campaign foundations but also identifying possible issues & opportunities in advance. If you could find out in advance that a client was going to struggle to succeed with a particular channel, you would want to know that right? Fortunately I have developed some great tools that allow us to assess viability of a particular channel before expending time any money. These tools combined with the proper training will allow you to head down the path of greatest opportunity time and time again and invest energy into the areas with greatest ROI.


In addition, I will give you some strategies to identify those clients within your portfolio that may be in a great position to capitalise on a paid campaign but aren’t yet aware of the opportunity. Creating cross sell and upsell opportunities becomes easy when you can confidently identify opportunities for your clients.


We will define clear goals, objectives and KPI’s so that when your campaign is in full swing, you will know exactly how they are performing.


Finally, we will help you provide answers to that age old client question – “How much should we allocate?” by setting realistic budgets based on their needs and resources.

Client Intel

Develop a client profile that helps you to understand their business. This will help you to create and deliver campaigns that are most suited to their needs.


Conduct a feasibility test to determine whether or not a particular channel is likely to deliver a positive return for your clients. If not, you can lead them down a more profitable path.


There can be alot of confusion around what is the ideal budget for client campaigns. Using my budgeting tools and techniques, this will never be a problem again.

Goal Setting

We will show you how to set rock solid goals that closely align with the clients business objectives. Managing campaigns becomes much easier when you and the client are 100% clear on what you are trying to achieve.

Keyword Research


Adwords search campaigns are powerful because they allow us to target people as they are searching for products and services. However, selecting the right keywords is far more difficult than just using the words that describe these products and services.


It also requires a deep understanding of search intent. Are people looking to buy right now? Are they doing their research? Are they comparing options or do they already have a provider in mind? People behave very differently depending upon the words they use to search. Just because they are looking for a particular service doesn’t mean they are ready to buy right now.


Then there is the economics of it. Each keyword you target costs a different amount per click. If you know how well your clients website performs in converting visitors into customers you can easily estimate whether or not certain keywords will be able to deliver a positive return on investment before spending a cent.


Keyword research plays a huge part in setting the trajectory of your PPC campaigns. By balancing search intent, cost per click and your clients ability to convert visitors into customers you can find the right mix of keywords to drive ROI and business objectives. In this course I will help you not only build a list of relevant keywords, but also prepare you well to refine and improve your targeted keyword list over time.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools enable us to create high performing keyword lists quickly and efficiently. They can also help us to refine our list, sort into themes and match to website content. I will take you through the tools that will make keyword research a breeze.

Search Intent

Getting into the head of a searcher isn’t easy. But if you could understand exactly what someone was looking for when they performed a search and provide them with exactly that, you would be very rich. Each search query has subtle cues and we can learn over time to better match our offer to customer needs.

Keyword Match Types

Everybody searches differently and everyday new and varied keywords combinations are being used for the first time. Being able to target each variation directly is impossible, so match types provide us with a way to match our keywords with different types of searches, both general and specific.

Negative Keywords

Adwords accounts can rack up spend very quickly if left alone. How wisely each dollar is each dollar being spent? I will teach you how to identify where money is being wasted in an account and also apply negative keywords to be able to eliminate or reduce the wasted expenditure over time.



Ad writing is a powerful skill. These days you are competing with not just a handful of other test ads, but shopping ads, map results and organic listings so attracting the click can be difficult. Learning how to craft ads that are powerful and demand attention can make a huge difference to the performance of your campaigns.


Firstly, attracting the click means that you are giving your clients the first and greatest number of opportunities to create a sale. Secondly, high performing ads that attract higher click through rates are rewarded with lower cost per click. Thirdly, ads set the tone and expectations of what the searcher will find once they reach the advertisers website. They are an opportunity to give searchers compelling reasons to do business with the advertiser and set up a sale.


We will cover how to write great ads that achieve all of these important outcomes (ie. clicks, low CPC & conversions) and put your clients in a strong position generate business.

Ad Types

Adwords offers a variety of different types of ads for advertisers, including: Expanded Text Ads, Dynamic Search Ads & Call Only Ads. We will cover the different ad types and how to use each type effectively.

Ad Copy

Communicating the right things can give you an advantage over competitors. Saying one wrong thing can set you back considerably. Learn how to consistently communicate the right things with your Ad Copy.

Competitive Research

Your ad is just one of many competing messages all vying for a searchers attention. To stand out, you really need to know what you are competing against. Not just other ads, but other options too.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Matching your ads to a search query has always been an effective way to show relevance and increase the likelihood of a click. Dynamic keyword insertion makes it possible to always match your ads to the search query.

Website / Landing Pages


The quality of your clients website and/or landing pages will have a big influence over the success or failure of their campaigns. Rather than throw in the towel if their website isn’t up to scratch we look at all the options from improvements to the website to building dedicated landing pages, or even a full website rebuild if necessary.


Spending time on the website design (if you are not the website designer) is often overlooked or put into the too hard basket as it is seen as outside of our control. However, it is as important, if not more important than all other aspects of Adwords management as the websites ability to convert visitors into customers will greatly impact how effective pay per click advertising is.


In this session we will look at the ways in which we can influence website / landing page design in our favour and how to get client / developer buy in to make positive changes.



Understanding what people are looking for and then being able to present that product, service or information on your landing page is critical to your ability to convert traffic. Learn about how to present your offer to increase conversion.


Even when the offer is perfectly crafted and exactly what people are looking for you may still suffer from poor conversion if the visual design of the page does not evoke the right feelings. Learn about visual design to improve landing page performance.

Offer / Calls To Action

Creating a high performing offer and Call To Action can take time and testing. While asking a prospect to call or buy now may seem like the obvious call to action, in many cases you may need to craft a lower offer that requires less commitment such as an eBook or trial.

Conversion / Split Testing

Landing pages built for conversion are designed to extract maximum ROI from paid campaigns. How do we design landing pages that convert and continue to improve upon them with split testing? We answer these questions and more.


Account Structure


The Adwords platform is powerful with a huge number of options for advertisers. This can be overwhelming for many and leave you wondering where to start. In this training we will simply the account structure so that you can quickly and confidently navigate the interface and get things done.


In terms of performance, the structure of your campaigns will play a big role in: How successful or other wise a campaign will be & also how much time / effort is needed to manage them. Setting campaigns up right from the start is like killing 2 birds with one stone. The campaigns are much more likely to succeed and also they will require less time to optimise and maintain. That is, strong ROI on both the clients spend and also on your time.

Account Strategy

There are many ways to structure your Adwords accounts, all with their positives and negatives. Before you begin building campaigns we will look at the different alternatives and which structures are most appropriate for your (and your clients) needs.


Where you control global settings like budgets, location targeting and scheduling. Settings at this level have the greatest impact on account performance.

Ad Groups

Comprised of keywords and associated ads, ad groups are important in defining exactly who you want to see your ads and the message you want to convey.


At the keyword level you can fine tune your your cost per click, position, matching options and opt out of unwanted searches.

Account Setup & Campaign Launch


Becoming familiar with the Adwords interface and tools such as Google Analytics and Adwords Editor should be a priority for any Adwords professional. These tools are essential in building, launching and managing your campaigns. Knowing what tool to use in what situations will help become more efficient and productive.

Adwords Editor

Adwords Editor is a fantastic tool for building and expanding your campaigns quickly. As an offline editor it is also a great learning tool to implement what you have learned without impacting live accounts.

Adwords Interface

The Adwords interface is where you will spend alot of your time on day to day campaign management and optimisation. We will also cover integrations with Google Analytics, Search Console & Merchant Centre for greater functionality.

Google Analytics

Often overlooked by PPC professionals, Google Analytics gives us far greater insight into behaviour after an ad is clicked than is possible in Adwords. We will cover how to use both tools together to intelligently optimise campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

A key part of setting up your Adwords campaigns is to define what is important for the business and set up tracking for those actions. Once conversion tracking is setup and working we can better understand what is driving performance and what is hindering it.

Measuring Performance


Knowledge is power, and knowing how your account is performing at all levels will make it possible for you to consistently make positive improvements and improve your returns.


In this stage of the training we will cover the most important metrics you will need to be across when managing your accounts. These will vary depending on your clients goals, but once the most important metrics are set it will become much easier to optimise and improve performance. You will easily be able to shine a light on those areas of the account that are driving results and those areas that are dragging down performance and act accordingly.

Click Through Rate

Your click through rate is one of the most important aspects of performance. It plays a big part in how much you pay per click and it also determines how well you are able to capitalise on opportunities.


Cost Per Click

Two advertisers who want to advertise for the exact same keywords may end up paying significantly different amounts per click. We will cover how to reduce your cost per click while maintaining position, giving your campaigns an advantage over the competition.

Quality Score

Quality score is Adwords measure of the quality of your advertising and how well you meet search users needs. It directly impacts cost per click and we will go through strategies to improve quality score and in turn cost per click and position.


What is the one thing we want people to do after they have clicked on our ads? Measuring these actions as conversions allows us optimise performance by paying less per conversion and scaling up conversion volume.

Campaign Settings


The Campaign settings primarily define the context in which you would like to target a search user. For example, do you wish to target someone who is within 30km of your office? Or is it important to target mobile users who are more likely to call? Or do you provide an emergency service outside typical business hours? The context in which the search is performed is just as important as the search itself.


Having a strong understanding of the targeting options available in Adwords will give your he ability to laser target your ideal customer based on not just what they type in Google but a range of different factors including time, location, device, plus leveraging Google’s own data to hit the nail on the head.


The budget allows you to dictate how overall ad spend is allocated. Even though ad spend may be fixed, there are many strategies we can use to maximise return on investment through smart budget allocation.

Location Targeting

Many businesses will have a set geographical target area, but how Google matches the location targeting to actual search location can cause some discrepancies. We will learn how location targeting works and to ensure we target our ideal customers.

Ad Scheduling

Performance can differ greatly depending on day, hour and time of the year. Learn how to maximise return by adjusting your schedule and increasing or decreasing exposure based on performance.

Device Targeting

Mobile users behave very differently to desktop users and it makes sense to have a tailored approach to different types of users. We will learn how to best appeal to users of different devices a through device targeting options and more.

Account Optimisation


Optimising campaigns is what is going to take your account from a solid performer to your best salesman.


It is however a case of slow and steady wins the race. You need to be careful not to make changes too quickly, or at least until you have some good data. Make consistent minor improvements and you will see the benefits long term. Make major sweeping changes and you will be playing with fire.


Think of your Adwords camapigns like athletes that you are sending out to compete and perform for you every day. If the athlete trains regularly their performance will improve. If the athlete stops training their performance may hold for a few weeks, maybe a month, then it will drop off. Neglect to optimise (train) your campaigns and their performance will also drop.


We will cover how to approach optimisation and get the most out of every advertising dollar spent.

Bid Optimisation

We all want to pay less and get more. Well, luckily Adwords allows us to determine what we pay for clicks on our ads. Optimising bids means finding that happy balance between not paying too much, but also maintaining a high enough position that we still get clicks.

Keyword Optimisation

No two keywords are equal and even minor differences between keywords can mean huge differences in performance. Optimising your keywords means promoting keywords that drive business results and reducing wastage on everything else.

Split Testing

You can split test almost anything in Adwords. You can split test different ads, locations, times and devices. Once you get into an optimisation mindset you can start to see little levers everywhere that you can pull and boost performance.

Ad Optimisation

Adwords is powerful way to test messaging. You can quickly compare performance of ads with different benefits, offers, calls to action and more and identify a winner. Regularly refining your message will make it difficult for the competition to catch up.


Advanced Search Campaigns


Standard Adwords search campaigns offer a great degree of control over who you are targeting, when you are targeting them and the context in which they are performing the search (eg. device, location etc.). Reaching this point in the training you should already be well versed in leveraging all the different targeting and optimisation options to extract ROI from your campaigns. However, it is always good to have some extra tools in your toolkit to go to that next level of performance.

Dynamic Search Campaigns

Need to get a campaign up and going quickly? Or are you looking for new areas to target? Dynamic campaigns are quick to setup and can be a powerful way to discover new keyword targeting opportunities.

Remarketing List Search Ads (RLSA) & Display Targeting

We all know that it is cheaper for a business to retain a customer than it is to find a new one. Using that principle RLSA campaigns allow us to target those who are already familiar with the brand to great effect.

Search Partners

Aside from Google search, it is also possible to show ads on other websites that use Google’s search engine technology. Often overlooked, search partners includes well known sites such as eBay, Amazon & Gumtree.

Scripts & Automation

Much of what you will do as a PPC professional is repetitive and can be automated. Within Adwords I can show you how to apply scripts and other automation techniques to do alot of the heavy lifting for you.

Agency Extras


Having worked in an agency for many years and run a team it has helped me to understand what is really important to being successful in an agency environment. Expertise, experience and talent are important but they are only a starting point. The ability to build strong relationships with your clients is what drives successful agencies.


If you have any responsibility for client relationships (including growing those relationships), then these training sessions are a must. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if the PPC campaigns you are managing are performing off the charts, if your clients do not believe that is the case. They have to believe that you are the right fit for them and have complete trust in your service. When client relationships are strong they can be maintained even through adversity and poor results.

Client On boarding & Communication

Client communication and how you set expectations from the start is far more important than anything else (even your technical PPC skills) in determining success or failure.

Upselling & Portfolio Growth

Delivering a high quality service to clients can open up many doors to expand the relationship. We will look at how to identify and capitalise on opportunities to grow client engagements at the right times.

Campaign Audits

Aside from being a fantastic way to evaluate any new campaigns, audits can also be a powerful tool to help you bring on board new business. We will look at how to use audits to make a compelling case for a potential client to switch to your company.

Client Reporting

Client reporting can make or break client relationships. Report on the right things and offer explanation and insight as to what the results mean for them and you will always hold power in the relationship.

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