How Sticky Are You?

How sticky are you?

– rapport
– finding common ground
– learning about

– communication
– services – can you do everything they need or will they look elsewhere
– investment – the more time, money, effort invested, the harder it is to pull out
– education – leads to becoming a trusted source rather than just a reporter – one example – I will speak to my tech team and get back to you – that is fine when you are starting out but with experience you can more confidently respond without needing to consult others
– single source of truth – multiple account managers across different things can lead to conflicting information unless – trust is built when there is a single source of truth – cc each other on emails, clear notes in crm, schedule meetings together
– Partnership – defined roles – everyone contributes – they have responsibilities rather than everything being on us – rather than simply a service
– data
– all the testing
– all the data
– this is what is really valuable
– results
– ownership
– who owns the accounts / website etc.?
– The ads account data is an asset

– added value – do they do little extras without invoicing me for every little thing?
– coverage – do they cover all my needs now and in the future?
– scale – can they scale with me?
– Reducing triggers – a trigger is anything that might make the client start to lok for another solution