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Most successful marketing agencies reach a point where clients are asking for more. They know you have been able to deliver for them in the past and as their businesses have grown with your help, they are on the lookout for new ways to reach customers.¬†You may not have the internal capabilities to deliver for them yet, but you are afraid that if you don’t offer them PPC management, they may look elsewhere. On the other hand you want to ensure that if you do take them on that the service matches their high expectations of you and your business.


Having worked with many digital marketing agencies in the past I know that the above scenario is quite common. With Simple Digital I aim to provide a white label Adwords solution that maintains your high standards of service without compromise. I can also offer you great flexibility that other providers white label services cannot. In addition to building and optimising high performing Adwords PPC campaigns for you, I can also train and mentor your team to gradually take over management of these campaigns.


So whether you are looking for someone to look after all aspects of your PPC marketing for clients or for someone to help you transition towards offering pay per click services to your clients I have you covered.


Accountable Reporting

While you may have your own reporting systems, I can help you create and frame reporting in a way that is clear and easy for clients to understand without spending an eternity on it.


Flexible Arrangement

My services fit in with your needs, so if you are looking for a white label adwords service to look after everything or someone to help your business grow your PPC capabilities and everything in between – I’m your guy.


Training For Your Team

In addition to building and optimising your Adwords campaigns I can also help train you and your team about how to manage the campaigns moving forward.


Help With Client Communication

While I will essentially be your behind the scenes Adwords technician I can also help those responsible for client communication with how to manage and clearly communicate the ins and outs of Adwords and the specific campaigns.

Adwords White Label Service For Agencies


SEM & PPC services are typically some of the consistent sources of new leads for Australian businesses. Free from the fluctuations in organic search rankings which can greatly impact performance, pay per click ads can bring in a steady stream of leads for your clients even when other channels fail. In short, PPC channels are an excellent addition to a well rounded digital marketing strategy which can help even out any performance lulls that may occur.


It can also be quite a lucrative recurring revenue source for agencies when done right.


Having spent years as a client facing Adwords manager & technical specialist I have a strong grasp of not just the technical aspects of running campaigns, but also client relationships which are the critical factor in whether or not your clients will stick around. So, in addition to doing the dirty work I can guide and train your team to have strong, positive client interactions that keep client relationships growing.

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